Artificial Intelligence automation solutions, fully integrated with Rent Manager, that automates your leasing, maintenance, communication, and calls.


Automate Your Leasing

Lea is your AI leasing agent. She's available 24/7 and responds via text, phone, and email to any lead.

Premium Support

Follow-Up On Every Lead

Lea responds immediately to leads, answers questions, and drives to schedule a showing (Lea can work with existing scheduling systems).


AI Makes Maintenance Easy

Aiden is your AI digital maintenance coordinator. He handles troubleshooting, dispatching, scheduling, follow-ups, communication, feedback, statistics, and insights.


Turn rmVoIP
Calls into Text

Transcribe your NDT calls from English or Spanish to English transcripts. Get important insights, reports, and alerts in real time.


Same Software - More Efficient

You don’t need to learn new systems. 'Different' seamlessly integrates with Rent Manager and boosts your productivity.



A Smart Chatbot designed specifically for property management websites that answers tenants’ questions and drives new clients to you.

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